The Bull

Our bull is called Greenhorne, and he has a real personality! With his glowing green eyes, real cow hide and leather saddle, he looks every inch the Wild West experience. We have received many compliments about how comfortable he is (until he gets angry!), and how realistic his hide is.

Behind the scenes, Greenhorne has an advanced control system that is controlled by an advanced electronic system and is the safest system in the world. All riders wear a wristband which is attached to Greenhorne, and the instant the rider falls off, Greenhorne stops moving. There is also a professionally trained team member operating the controls at all times, who can shut off the bull or change any number of movements in an instant. The Greenhorne team are professionally trained Rodeo Bull operators. We put safety first, and we are covered by public liability insurance.

Your experience

The advanced control system and scoreboard mean that Greenhorne can give a number of different experiences. Each rider can have an automated or custom ride, with every detail (speed, movement, spin) controlled carefully. This means that for young children and those who are new to riding, he can be gentle and very careful. For those that fancy more of a challenge, he can be a real handful, and even for professional riders he is more than a match!

Using the scoreboard and the programmed rides, we can set Greenhorne to provide the exact same ride for all, meaning that we can run a competition amongst riders to crown a Rodeo King or Rodeo Queen! We can have multiple heats, semi-finals and final showdowns to determine the winner and to provide a really great and fair experience for everyone at your event.

Frequently asked questions

Yes – all riders must be over 1.2 metres tall.

Yes – all riders must be under 18 stone.

Greenhorne requires an area of 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft), PLUS an extra 1m (3 ft) clearance all round (so 7m x 7m or 23ft x 23ft total).

Yes – Greenhorne needs a minimum ceiling height of 3m.

1 hour for both set up and packing away.

No. It is an essential insurance requirement that the fully trained operators are on site with Greenhorne.

Generators can be supplied but we will need to be informed beforehand. Additional costs may apply.

Greenhorne needs 2 x 240v power outlets required within 50m of setup.

We need to park the van for unloading as close as possible to where Greenhorne is to be placed as he is very heavy and hard to move. If on grass, we will place sheets of plywood down first to protect grass area as much as possible, or blankets will be put down to protect any wood-made flooring. We cannot take Greenhorne up or down stairs, so a good clear way is needed. With a 1m clearance for him to fit through, it may be possible for small slopes to be negotiated.

If the booking is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, we can provide a voucher which entitles you to another similar booking of Greenhorne. If you decide that you no longer require Greenhorne, we will retain the deposit, and refund any outstanding amount.